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One Room Challenge: Week Two

Now that I’ve (mostly) cleared out the guest bedroom of junk, it’s time to move onto the fun stuff – design! I always start a design with space planning. While this room is no exception, it's pretty straightforward: the bed, an existing chest of drawers and the smallish size of the room more or less dictate placement for everything else going forward.

One minor issue I’m already facing with the bed placement is balancing it in the room with the existing ceiling lights vs. not covering an electrical outlet. To avoid covering the outlet, the bed has to move slightly closer to the door…..I don’t love this because it just feels off balance when you walk into the room.

The plans below show what I mean:

The left plan shows the bed covering the outlet - shown in red - but looks, overall, more balanced. The right plan shows the bed moved off the outlet, closer to to the door, and looks more crowded as you walk into the room (strike 1). There's also a bunch of open space between the windows and the bed in the right plan (strike 2).

The existing chest of drawers, mentioned above, has a 90% chance of staying unless something amazing catches my eye and I decide I can’t live without it. But for now, this one stays and will probably sit on the wall on the right-side of the plans, next to the door…

For anyone wondering what I’m rambling about yet, I’m making over my guest bedroom as part of the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge, a six week challenge for featured and guest designers. We’re currently in week 2 of the challenge.

If you missed my post about week 1 of my guest bedroom makeover with "before" photos, click the image below to read more:

Back to the space planning….

Aside from ultra-precise bed placement, space planning the rest of the room should come together pretty easily, especially considering the size and architecture of the room leaves little play for other larger furniture pieces.

The next big question is wall color….does it stay or does it go??

We “inherited” the wall color from the previous owners of our home. It's a rich, chocolate brown that was in its heyday in the 90’s and early aughts. It doesn’t exactly feel like the freshest wall color but for some reason I sorta like it…? It probably stays.

Plus, the added deadline-within-a-deadline of my mom coming to stay with us also makes repainting an overwhelming task, so I’m opting to not fix what’s not broken this time. This color probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s a classic color and I really do like the warmth and drama it provides.

So…anticipating keeping the wall color, I gathered a couple inspiration images to assist me in putting together my mood board....

Credit: Phoebe Howard

I hope you'll continue to follow along as the guest bedroom design comes together!

One Room Challenge Spring 2018 Guest Participant ORC Naomi McCormick Design Week 2 Guest Bedroom Makeover


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