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One Room Challenge: Week Six - Master Bedroom Revamp

In light of recent tragedies, Linda, the creator of the One Room Challenge, made the decision to cancel Week 5 of the ORC. This has been a time to pause and reflect on how we can do better, be better, and gain better understanding into how to show kindness and support.

We're now in week six of the ORC, which is super weird because this would normally be the reveal week -- but, since we have 8 weeks this spring, we're still a ways from the finish line. I'm so thankful for the extra two weeks because procuring items and shaping my concept as I'm able to find things has definitely put an emphasis on the "challenge" part of the One Room Challenge.

I'm not exactly covering significant ground, but I went into this expecting I may not find all the pieces I need, in budget and in time.

That said, here's the progress to date.....

  • Wallpaper samples have been ordered and arrived!

  • Fabric has been purchased!

  • I found some new nightstands...(yes, I'm crazy, in case you needed to know)

  • I tried to makeover my sconces...


I ordered the two options shown in my week 3, preliminary concepts.

Here they are:

I really love the blue floral one from York. It's actually prettier than I expected...even though it ended up...looking like I expected..? (Weird, right?)

The grey toile was very nice, but my paint swatches still haven't arrived in the mail and I was already having doubts about going with a bold, darker paint color all over the room. The color I was really banking on pairing with the toile was Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue.

I realize I could have bought a small can of actual paint and tested it on the wall (which I would have done anyway if the swatch had checked out)....but designing this room during social distancing has made many other aspects of this process a bit cumbersome, inconvenient and drawn out, and I've gotten less patient with details I would normally spend more time fine tuning.

So....the toile, while beautiful, just looked too subdued and washed out for our room.

I ordered some more swatches....

Some were nothing like I anticipated and I ruled them out immediately. Like these, which are nice (especially the one in the middle), but for our room were giving me retro,1960's motel room vibes:

Many of the others looked either muddy, too neutral or too cool-toned. These, however, were actually ALL strong contenders:

The geometric one matched the rug mind-boggling well and looked phenomenal with our pale blue bedding, but I hadn't intended such a dark pattern (the room doesn't get a lot of light in the evening) and was hesitant about a geometric since we're installing this ourselves (nothing draws attention to an imperfect installation like geometric patterns). I also didn't want everything to feel too matchy.

The modern palm pattern felt somehow too safe, and I absolutely loved the floral, but it just barely matched the rug and, in certain lighting, looked 'off' -- with a tiny hint of green undertone that made both the rug and wallpaper look murky.

Of the remaining options, I pulled out the Palm Damask by Schumacher to compare with the York antique floral:

From here...inner turmoil has ensued.

The Palm Damask has such a beautiful hue that's very similar to our bedding, but with a touch more green and a hint of grey. It could be just the vibe I want but is tricky to pull off without looking like I tried to match the bedding and missed the mark.

The blue, antique floral by York is also stunning....but the warmer, mid-tone blue feels a bit heavy to me in certain lighting throughout the day - and perhaps most importantly, in incandescent lighting in the evenings when we're most likely to be in that space.

So....the jury is still out!

The final decision will depend entirely on coordinating fabrics and paint colors. Which brings me to the next accomplishment on the list....


Thankfully, fabric stores have re-opened JUST in time for me to hunt down options that fit into our tiny budget. I masked up and headed out....and to my astonishment, I found some velvet upholstery options.

After I brought these home, I dug through my collection of paint sheets again, to edit the options I previously pulled out while waiting on the options I ordered in week 4.

I wish I could look at the paint sheets I ordered, but that's life so here's what I've got so far:

Each option needs a little something more to round things out, and I'll need to start testing paint samples to get closer to the full effect of these colors.


I was super excited when I found the nightstands in week 2. It seemed like a miracle that I even found a matching pair of nightstands with sufficient storage, and I knew that with paint they could take on an entirely differently look. However, I was having doubts about the style - specifically the shape of the nightstands - with the existing dressers in the room. I set these doubts aside when I bought them because I knew options, time and money were all limited.

More doubts started creeping in after I bought the sconces, because the nightstands are very low -- which I was initially happy with -- but where the sconces would be installed on the wall was much higher than the tops of the nightstands and, in my mind, looked a bit awkward.

Then, a listing for another pair of matching nightstands appeared on MP. They were taller, still had storage, and were more modern. Exactly the balance I wanted!

In my zeal to start making them over I forgot to take acceptable "before" pictures...

I actually sort of liked the existing finish on them but both were in rough shape, so they're in the process of getting some TLC.


I'm making these over as well for a two-tone effect, to capture a similar vibe as the Charlton Wall Light by Aerin. We had some old, white spray paint in the garage and the can wasn't even half empty. Perfect!

I got all my supplies out and taped off the sconces where I don't want white.

I started spraying....

And then the nozzle stopped working.

Womp womp.

This is as far as I got and, after attempting to fix the nozzle, I accepted defeat and will need to make a trip to the box store for a new can.

Even though I'm behind schedule, I'm still making some I hope you'll follow along for week seven! The homestretch!

To catch up on week 4, click here or on the image below.


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