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One Room Challenge: Week Four - Master Bedroom Revamp

It's week four and I'm mildly hyperventilating.

We're technically halfway into the One Room Challenge, a six week challenge for featured and guest interior designers to complete the design of an entire room -- but since it was extended to eight weeks, the two extra weeks this spring are a slight comfort right now. Slight. [Breathing into paper bag].

I mentioned last week I want to put wallpaper panels, framed in molding, on the wall behind the bed. I haven't had a chance yet to measure out exact dimensions for the boxes BUT....we've got tools!

We took a mini road-trip excursion to NJ to pick up the tools, lent to us by generous family members, and made a stop along the way to pick up a rug I found on MP (shown above, rolled up and commingling uncomfortably close with all those tools).

That's right.....another check off the list of must-haves! Actually, it's a check off the "nice-to-haves", but it really should have been on the "must-haves" from the start because an area rug has so much potential to upgrade the feel of the room. I was just very apprehensive about actually finding The One, and finding it before the deadline.

Initially, I was looking for a lighter, mostly solid, cream colored rug with the objective of covering our dingy, blah-beige carpeting upstairs - and brightening up the room without contrasting the carpet too drastically.

Blah-beige carpeting:

After finding two rugs on MP that sold faster than I could blink, this one came up and seemed pretty much perfect:

As soon as we brought it inside, I immediately threw some of the other "ingredients" down onto it - including a fawn print, aqua throw pillow (shown above) that was another MP find - and I really love what the grey pattern in the rug adds to everything else. I was anxious about the grey because, as I mentioned with the headboard, grey undertones can vary wildly and it can be so, so difficult to decipher this nuance through photos with variances in lighting, camera lenses, screen/monitor displays, etc.

Nothing compares to seeing finishes in person, but the budget is tight and the shopping ain't easy right now during quarantine.

Verdict: I love it and can't wait to get it placed in the room!

Next...another check off the list is an item that wasn't even on it - at least, I didn't admit out loud that it was, anyway....

I secretly really wanted to add sconces to the room to evoke a custom, higher end feel, but wasn't sure yet if this made sense for the budget or timeline (including time searching, an extra buying excursion, any necessary DIY time and then installing them). I felt my list of nice-to-haves was getting too ambitious as it was, so I wrote off sconces as unnecessary.

When I saw these though, I had to have them:

These mid-century gems, while a bit time-worn, remind me so much of the super chic and sleek Charlton Wall Light by Aerin:

I've been obsessed with the Charlton Wall Light for so long and just love the subtle modern edge it adds when used in more traditional style interiors. I'm not sure yet if adding my sorta-lookalikes (or any other sconces for that matter) will be too busy for our room, but the final wallpaper selection, along with whether the chandelier makes the final cut, will help determine if they end up in the mix.

I've also ordered paint sheets and wallpaper swatches, but I'm still waiting on these to arrive in the mail (and panicking every minute until they arrive).

Meanwhile, I've been rifling through my existing collection of paint sheets to see if I can strike a balance with any of those.

We'll see what changes when the rest of the samples arrive!

Things will have to start happening this week whether we're ready or not, so I hope you'll follow along for week five...!

To catch up on week 3, click here or on the image below.


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