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One Room Challenge: Week Four

We’re now at week four of the One Room Challenge. Quick recap on what this is: it’s a six week challenge for designers to makeover a room with the big reveal on May 10th.

I’ve managed to keep the momentum going more than I anticipated… always seems the longer a project sits untouched, the lengthier it will be to get going on it, stay going on it and see it through to completion. For some reason it tends to build and build in my psyche until it reaches “impossible” status, and that’s definitely where this room was at before the challenge started.

I’ve done a good job so far of proving my psyche wrong, but think I've hit a minor wall now.

I mentioned in my post about week three that I purchased and put together all the bedding and headboard.

Yay for progress!

I rounded up additional décor items in fabrics that looked like they will tie in well with the existing wall color:

- Euro pillow covers

- Decorative throw pillow

- Curtains

I looked at a LOT of options and went through many different color combinations, but ultimately landed on navy blues and a very subdued blue-green. Something about these colors always gives me a sense of calm without feeling bored. I find many of my clients are drawn to this combo as well and it has the added bonus of transcending all trends.

I’m obsessed with the Channels fabric by Kelly Wearstler and decided I definitely need it on a life-or-death level, so off I skipped to the internet to purchase this and the other items I rounded up. Rather than going through the steps of ordering a fabric sample, requesting a cutting of it and then ordering the fabric to fabricate a throw pillow, I found a ready-made pillow in the Kelly Wearstler fabric, a pair of gorgeous, light blue-green euro pillow covers with Greek key borders, and some striped golden-beige and white curtains.

When everything arrived, I tore into all of it and……..

1) The Kelly Wearstler fabric was much more yellow than the natural off-white I anticipated.

2) The lovely, subtle, blue-green Euro pillow covers were darker and greener, with less blue in them.

3) The beige in the striped curtains was more reddish than I expected and, while I didn't necessarily find this to be problematic on its own, the reddish color made the green of the Euro pillow covers even more pronounced, which, in turn, brought out more of the mud in the wall color.

Womp, womp.

So I’m back at it, reworking some things to figure out what stays and what goes. Only 2 more weeks to pull a rabbit out of a hat! NBD.

I hope you'll follow along for the remaining 2 weeks!

In case you missed week 1, week 2 and week 3, read all about them by clicking on the images below:


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