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Naomi McCormick Design works with builders and trade professionals to achieve comprehensive,

collaborative results.  We believe in working as a true team to elevate the work of all involved.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please read on to learn more!

Builders & Developers

One of the biggest driving forces behind a large-scale construction project is efficiency.  Often, clients need additional help with aesthetic details reaching beyond what construction experts have the time or skills to address.  An interior designer can be an enormous asset to help bridge the gap between a builder and their client. 


Naomi is skilled at visualizing design concepts and solutions, and then visually communicating these to her clients. 

Whether you are a custom home builder working with home owners or a project manager working with commercial builders, Naomi will work within budget to keep your projects moving forward and your clients happy.

Services offered to builders & developers:

CAD and 3D rendered floor plans

Layout review & optimization 

Exterior finish recommendations

Model home design & styling

Finish packages (multi-family dwellings)


Builder packages (custom homes)

Trade Partnerships

The trade professionals we work with are indispensable at bringing our design visions to life.  From the wall paper installers, to painters, to general contractors, these professionals play an integral part in successfully executing plans.  Naomi believes in mutual respect and clear communication for a great working relationship,

with an ultimate shared interest in client satisfaction. 

Whether you are a contractor in need of a designer on a current project, or are looking to team up on future projects, we would love to hear from you!

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